It didn't seem too long ago that we were awoken to a mid-winter freeze in January, packing up our best beach clothes and heading off to Los Angeles for our first ever LA Fit Expo. This also marked the beginning of our yearly tour with back-to-back shows and countless hours on the road, feverishly spreading the good word of MuscleRich and all we have to offer.

And just as it came, did it ever go. In a big way. September always held a special place for us, long before MuscleRich existed - put simply, we didn't think we'd be here this soon. Being that we were going to cap off our season at the Super Bowl of Bodybuilding - the mecca of bodysculpting and talent, we were ready to put on a great show.

Landing in the early afternoon days before the show, it was time to put in work. In classic MuscleRich fashion, we got off the plane, packed our rental and set forth on probably the most Vegas experience of our lives. Not like we haven't been before, but this time took on a more sit-com perspective. For the purpose of subtlety and PR, I'll just say this: Rentals are the devil. Terry the General Manager. Bad Speakers. J-Law (Emmy Award Winner, Hunger Games...y'know, Jennifer Lawrence) and lots of "Fuck Carlos!".

As we arrived to the Las Vegas Convention Center, we were greeted with the familiar, yet always impressive display at the South Hall. Giant poles wrapped with the iconic Mr. Olympia branding millions around the world have come to know. Window decals stretched some 50 feet above our heads as thousands will soon gaze in awe upon their arrival. It's here and we have arrived.

Entering the hall was something of a familiar feeling. Different from all the other, lower-key events we do - it was fucking thrilling. The hall was massive and empty with only the sounds of cranes and hammers as workers hastily prepare giant and extravagant displays for those guys with over-the-top marketing budgets (soon guys). It was exciting to see it all come together... and then we got to our booth.

Upon arrival, we found out that part of our shipments did not come. I'd like to say that we were surprised, however you don't get great at doing shows with things going your way all the time. We had to adjust and at MuscleRich, we take pride in moving forward and making do. We rolled up our sleeves and got to work. We were lucky to have our friend Aimee come down and lend us an extra hand, whom in many ways, kept the ball rolling for us (thanks Aimee, you're the real MVP). Luckily for us, we had an extra day to reformulate our plan and boy, reformulate we did. After multiple Chipotle runs, getting lost and calling in some backup, we got'r done.

Come Friday and Saturday we were ready to go. The doors opened and like a preacher on Times Square, we made it known where we were and who we are. Our booth is known for having excellent service, personable staff and lots of fun - just follow the music. Throughout the weekend we had the opportunity to meet many of our fans, new customers and celebrities (always a nice touch). Our athletes came through huge on this one as they met with fans, took photos and even got their hands dirty when things got overwhelming. This really shows the type of culture we have at MuscleRich. No one is above another, everyone is real and willing.

As the expo weekend winded down, we engaged in the usual tear down - at this point second nature and efficient. This is usually the time we have to reflect on the past couple days, what we could've done better, what we should've done and what we didn't do. We can't help it - you never really leave that entrepreneurial mindset, no matter how well or awful things went. There was however, another thing on our mind for that night.

French Montana at Marquee with our famlia over at P28 Foods. There is one huge misconception about what we do - despite all the travelling, we actually don't get out that much. So when we do - it's gonna be big and we made sure to soak it all in. We entered the club, buzzing with anticipation ready to bust a move to the tracks we kept motivated to...  I'm not going to dive too much into this one - just look at the highlights ;).

Thank you for your continued support and we hope this gives you a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes. Until next time ya'll.

Much love,

The MuscleRich Familia

PS - Huge props goes out to our athletes Sean Harley (competed in IFBB Classic Physique), Mindy Harley and Mirko Maras. Mad love to our special guests Cynthia Benoit and Danny Mabley. Ya'll the best.


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